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Hi, I’m Maridith. Owner of
MG Marketing and Creative —
your strategic, creative ally.

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Collaborating closely with clients, I execute successful marketing strategies by utilizing creative thinking and execution. If you're in search of a creative partner, feel free to reach out to discuss how I can assist you.
I specialize in resolving marketing and creative challenges, delivering work that resonates with a brand’s core mission.




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Zona Rosa Marketing Director  |  Client for 5 Years

"Maridith is an incredibly talented graphic designer but she also has the unique ability to be a marketing strategist. She understands the consumer, trends and can apply that to her thoughtful marketing ideas and campaign development. A true leader in that realm. When I got the chance; I immediately hired her to do the creative work for Zona Rosa; where we have worked together the past five years. No matter where I go, Maridith is my go-to creative partner."

Director of Creative Services  |  Client for 6 Years

"Maridith worked for me for several years at H&R Block as a talented and well-respected designer. Her design skills are top-notch and her leadership to younger designers was amazing. She understands the sense of urgency, designs quickly with serious talent, and can articulate her work in meetings. Everyone needs a Maridith on their court."

 Chief Community Officer  |  Client for 3 Years

"Maridith has been a dream solution for my company. Her design work is so precise and adapted to the context. In addition, she engages with us professionally and courteously, always doing her best to keep us informed of her needs and progress. I couldn’t recommend her more highly."

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